Junior Class Advisor: Ms. Garcia


Hi Juniors! You’re so close to making it through! Your student council adviser is Ms. Garcia and has been for two years. She is looking forward to this year and all of the excitement your student council takes part in.

Q: Why did you choose to become the junior class adviser?

A: My first year, Mrs. Orosz and I did both juniors and seniors combined. We felt like we neglected the juniors a little, so the following year Mrs. Orosz and I decided to split them. I’ve known your class for a while which is why I took the juniors and she took the seniors.


Q: What type of qualities do you look for when choosing officers?

A: I would say I look for motivation so I can watch them take initiative. I also look for new ideas and fundraisers. Juniors save money for their senior year. The number one thing I look for is definitely motivation and driven students because it makes it easier.


Q: What events should we look forward to in the upcoming school year?

A: Definitely Ram Wars! I helped plan it last year, but I left for vacation before Spring Break. I love seeing the students involved in it because it is competitive in a good mannered.


Q: What is the biggest event that your club takes part in?

A: It varies every year. The first year, the juniors helped with the fashion show. After we separated the junior and senior  fundraiser that made a lot of money was Powder-puff. Also, Yankee Candle made $700.


Q: What goal would you like to accomplish this year?

Mrs. Orosz and I were talking about doing more joined activities to raise more money. I would like to try to involve the Juniors in the Fashion Show somehow and help out the seniors. I would also definitely like to try to add a car wash in the Spring.


Fun Fact:

I’m obsessed with Game of Thrones and when I was a senior at Lodi High School I was President of Student Gov.