Road to the Future


Being a Lodi High School senior consists of college applications, teacher recommendation letters, and writing their last high school research paper. Each senior is required to take English 4 in order to graduate, and to pass the class, this research paper must be completed. This must be a four page paper plus an annotated bibliography.  The paper outlines their five year plan on how to major in a career chosen by the student writing the paper. Students should include the following in the their paper: the classes they will be required to take in order to pursue this career, which college they will be attending and whether it is compatible with their profession, how they will pay for their education, information on mandatory or voluntary internships, and the career’s starting, median, and ending salary. All students must have at least four reliable sources. They have the choice of using book or website sources, but it is a requirement for them to shadow someone in their chosen field and use that as one of their sources, as well. Seniors can be excused from school for day to meet with this person and shadow them. This activity has helped many seniors decide whether or not they would like to major in their initial field of choice.  Mr. Morali has been working on the paper for about a month and it is due on December 19, 2014. Mr. Duncan will begin his research paper in about a week, when he is finished covering Grendel. “The English department mutually agreed upon on the topic,” said Mr. Morali and we are thankful as we are given the opportunity to think about our future careers during the same time that we are applying for colleges. “This being our last high school research paper feels like an accomplishment, like finally, we made it. But at the same time it makes me sad that it is another one of our lasts,” said senior, Morgan Guarino.

Senior, John Rodriguez was interviewed about his research paper and shadowing.

Q: What career did you choose to cover?

A: I chose auto body for repairing cars.

Q: Who did you shadow?

A: I shadowed Mike Mazola for a day. Its in Garfield and its a family business.

Q: How was that experience?

A: I liked the experience a lot. I got a lot of research and information for my paper and they even offered me a job to go work for them but I actually didn’t take it.

Not only does our final research paper help us learn the in and outs of the career that we might be involved in for the rest of our lives, but it also helps students, like John, gain experience and confidence by getting job offers in the field they might major in.