Escape the Night Filled with Fright


Did you happen to miss the Interact Club’s Haunted House on Friday, Oct. 26? Well, don’t worry — the Rampage has got you covered! From the start of the tour, the ominous dark hall filled every single inch of your pupils as you try to look ahead. As you walked with the tour, a door opened from beside you and a lonely casket was standing. You had no idea what was going on… until the casket opened and attempted to steal your tour guide away! What did you do – you ran for your life, trying not to get attacked by whatever was about to build a grave for your guide. As you headed into the next door, the room you entered was dark and filled with trees that moved with the wind. In the distance, there was the sound of a wolves howling which only added to the fear that was running through your blood. Just as you were about to turn around and leave –out of nowhere, a werewolf lunged at you in an attempt to attack you!

Luckily you were swift enough to get out, but in return, you landed yourself into Dr. Frankenstein’s lair. A dark red color filled the lab as you listened to the terrorizing screams of one of the Doctor’s failed attempts. She warned you to get out, but you couldn’t move –the Doctor was measuring your every inch to see if you could be her newest subject. “You’re the perfect height,” she said. You’re heart was beating out of your chest when all of a sudden you heard , “It’s alive! Get out! Run!” You didn’t take another second to run out of that room, but the moment you left, you were shaken by the limbs hanging from the ceiling! It can’t get any worse, you thought to yourself. But little did you know, that in the room you were entering next, Dracula and her friends were having their dinner…and you walked in with no invitation! She was very upset and was not opposed to the idea of getting a taste of your blood. She screamed, threatened, and grabbed you to pull you in. Her other friend woke from her slumber and was ready to fill her stomach with a nice, warm glass of fresh blood. You pulled free from Dracula’s grasp and ran out into the hallway where you saw the exit sign.

But between you and the exit sign were three children. They were all singing the same song; a song that made your blood curdle and your tour guide started to freak out. “Stop singing!” she screamed, “Stop it!” You tried to get to the exit and run out with her, but it was too late. You were so far ahead and the children pulled her all the way to the back. You couldn’t help her –no one can help her. As the children sang and she struggled to be free from the clenches of the children’s fists, they suddenly let go and were forced up against the wall. They stopped their melody and were completely silent. Then, they all screamed “He’s coming!” Behind them, a door opened and a dark figure ran out. He grabbed your guide and threw her inside a closet. As soon as he slammed the door closed and mad eye contact with you, you recognized the familiar face: Freddy Krueger. The scars on his face were all that you could focus on as you stood still, struck with fear. “Whos next?” he yelled and ran at you and your remaining group members. Suddenly, you were no longer focusing on his face but rather the glimpse of light you saw at the end of the hallway. This is my only chance! As you got closer and closer, the black abyss became bright with light and you ran out into safety. You looked behind and Freddy was no where to be seen. You looked to the right and see a room filled with food, which is a treat you definitely needed after all of that running. You sat down at a table with your sugar cookie. Finally, you breathed a breath of fresh air, calming down your nerves. You were finally safe…so you think…