How to Ask Someone to Homecoming!

Cierra Roberts and Natalie Romero

Figuring out what to wear to Homecoming is already stressful on its own, so the thought of asking someone to go with you, just makes it all very overwhelming. Asking someone can seem like an impossible feat. What do you say? How should you do it? Who should you even ask ? What if they say no? Though these questions may make you want to go alone, asking someone is much more simple than it seems with these three steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm Ideas!

Coming up with ideas can be a challenge, but having friends to help may make it easier and more enjoyable. Make sure to write down any ideas you have to determine the perfect plan!

Step 2: Get Prepared! 

After you finally come up with an idea, start preparing! Go to the store and buy any posters, candy, glitter, and supplies you may need. Now is also the time to plan out the details of how you want to ask your date to homecoming. Get friends to help set up the day of!

Step 3: ASK!!!

This may be easier said then done, but your last step is to ask your date! You will most likely feel nervous, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the moment!

Once you have completed these steps –Congrats! You have a date! Remember to be safe and have fun at homecoming!