Staying Safe on Halloween


Being in high school means that many students see themselves as being “too old” to go trick-or-treating. However, the idea of receiving a lot of free candy is enough to make anyone grab a pillow case and walk around town knocking on doors. Do you really want to miss your chance of getting free candy? Of course not! Looking around at all of the friendly faces answering doors and all of the creative costumes passing you by makes you glad that you left your house to ask strangers for candy. However, even though there is a lot of fun to be had on Halloween, there are still many dangers one may face. These dangerous situations can easily be avoided when you keep the following things in mind:

  1. Always Trick-or-Treat with a friend: Going out alone on Halloween is not only boring but it could also make you more susceptible to dangerous situations. Bringing a friend along makes you feel safer and canTrick Or Treat Disney GIF make the night a lot more interesting!
  2. Don’t eat unwrapped candy: Eating all of the candy the second you get it is very tempting but you should always inspect it first. Unwrapped candy or weirdly wrapped candy could potentially have harmful things in it. It’s best to just throw this candy out and enjoy a different piece from your ginormous pile.Spooky Dog GIF
  3. Bring a flashlight: Not all streets are well lit at night which could lead to an embarrassing trip or a harmful fall. A flashlight is essential to see where you are walking to make sure you have a clear path.
  4. Be aware of your surrounding: In all of the excitement of Halloween, you may forget that there are still people trying to do their own thing outside of the Halloween traditions. Be very careful when crossing the street and be respectful of other people’s property and their decision  to not partake in Halloween.
  5. Wear bright colors/reflective clothes: The all black costume may seem like a cute outfit but this makes it very difficult for others, such as drivers, to see you. This can lead to accidents which can easily be prevented by simply throwing on bright or reflective clothing. This way you will definitely be seen by others around you!

There are many dangers that could be lurking on Halloween night but with these safety tips in mind, it’ll be a night filled with fun and candy!