How to Stay Productive During Quarantine


What we are all currently going through is something we have never experienced before. It’s normal to feel sad and unmotivated during these times (some days will be harder than others). It is definitively taking a toll on our desire to get things done, meaning that we aren’t working on goals or responsibilities. It’s very easy to just give into the temptation of doing nothing because we feel like it. But do we really want to waste all this time that we will never be given back binge watching some Netflix show? We should challenge ourselves to do something productive which is definitely not easy but can be done. Try these tips out to find some motivation and begin to work on getting things done!

Getting Motivated:

Create Small Goals: Something as simple as creating a small list of attainable goals/tasks can make a huge difference. You can even make a daily goal list that can include simple things such as complete all school assignments or clean room. You are more likely to follow through with it and will feel very accomplished once you can finally cross it off of your list.

Create Your “Environment:” Trying to work in silence can cause your mind to wander which can keep you distracted from the task at hand. Creating an “environment” for yourself can be done by putting on music or even a podcast. This will allow you get in the zone!


Take Breaks: We often believe that we need to constantly be working towards our goals 24/7 in order to accomplish them, however, this is not true. Taking breaks is very important because you need to let your brain relax for a little. Taking a break to do something such as going on a walk, playing with a pet, or making a snack will give you newfound energy and motivation once you get back to working.

Get Inspired: Long term goals that are a bit challenging, such as eating cleaner or getting into fitness, can sometimes be hard to keep working towards or even start. We are lucky to have resources such as YouTube or Instagram where people document their journey and give advice. This can be very helpful in trying to get closer to your goal. Hearing and seeing the challenges they have overcome inspires one to continue working hard to accomplish what you have set out to do.

Be Easy on Yourself: We’re all human so there will be days will you have the energy and motivation to try to get many things done and there will be days where trying to get things done isn’t as easy. Don’t be hard on yourself because this will only bring you down, making it harder to work on your goals. It’s okay to have those days; let yourself relax and take a breather. Take some time to think, re-access, and then plan what challenges you will be tackling the next day.