Humans of LHS: Natalia Moreno

Natalia Moreno, senior, is seen to many as a funny, lovely, and honest person. Like many 17-year-old girls, she also has a huge passion for makeup. Natalia loves just having fun with her friends and is always listening and dancing to Reggaeton music. As she walks around the halls of LHS, she is seen as a regular student. Some might not know that she used to live 2,450 miles away from New Jersey. In 2015, when she was just 15 years old, Natalia came to the United States from Pereira, Colombia.

For Natalia, the transition was not easy. Like many people who come from other countries, Natalia struggled with adjusting to a new language. She just felt so lost and helpless when it came to learning and understanding the English language. As the years went on, Natalia actually developed a love for English from being in Lodi High School. Reading has become one of Natalia’s favorite pastimes; her favorite book is “Gordi Buena,” which is written in Spanish.

Natalia has a passion for helping others; therefore, after high school, she wants to study medicine and learn how to help people that way. Natalia has been looking into Montclair State University, but she is still keeping her options open.

Watch this video and learn a little more about Natalia’s experiences!