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Shanza Arif
Q:What is your biggest aspiration in life? A: Shanza’s biggest aspiration in life is to achieve the best forms of recognition and lead a truly successful life in the near future.

Q:Who is someone you aspire to be?  A: Shanza aspires to be just like her mom because in her eyes, there is nobody else that is more perfect than she is (AW!).

Q:What is your dream college? Why? A: Princeton University because it is a very prestigious university and offers a great business program, which Shanza hopes to take part in one day.

Q:Describe yourself in just one word.  A: Shanza describes herself as dedicated, making sure to note that she always aims to finish what she started and to not give up when times get tough.

Q:If you could meet one person, who would it be?  A: The Weeknd is the one person that she wishes to meet because she loves his music and is her favorite artist to listen to.

Interviewed by Leyla Durmus

Shanza Arif, Editor

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