PROM is Coming!


Senior year has come and gone for the Class of 2016. One of the most anticipated events, the Junior and Senior Prom, is only three months away! This is a night full of dancing, food, elegant dresses, dapper tuxedos, and everlasting memories. In order to create memories on a night like this, we all must be careful and aware of following the rules and what the consequences will be if those rules are broken. This past Monday, Mr. D’Amico, Mrs. Yzquierdo, Officer Castro, and Mr. Romeo held a pre-prom meeting. They sat down with students and parents to explain the course of events encompassing the day of prom.

Prom weekend subsequently follows prom. The meeting also made parents aware of previous incidents and implications that occurred in the past during this time. Mrs. Yzquierdo and Officer Castro laid out the following rules regarding prom and prom weekend.

– Anyone who sneaks out of prom will not be allowed back in.
– Absolutely no alcohol or illicit substances will be allowed.
– If anyone needs to get something from their car during the dance, Officer Castro will escort him or her out.
– Anyone suspected to be under the influence will be interrogated. If he or she is found intoxicated, then the student’s parents will be notified and will have to come pick them up.
– Watch what you drink because it can be spiked with narcotics.
– Mrs. Yzquierdo and the faculty do not want to hear anything bad about prom weekend. If any student is held responsible for any damages done to a property that he/she stayed at during the weekend, they will not be walking at graduation.

Another meeting will be held in May for those that were not able to come to the previous one. Please make sure to meet with Mrs. Yzquierdo and acquire all the requirements and documents needed for your outside guest to attend if you intend to bring one. If you have any further questions pertaining to what was said at the meeting, please go to Mrs. Yzquierdo or Officer Castro. Let’s make prom a fun, safe, and memorable time with the Class of 2016!