College Weekly – Instant is Instantly Back!


INSTANT DECISION DAY IS BACK! As many students of the senior class may know, we had our first Super Instant Decision Day on Nov. 3! Many of the seniors at Lodi High as well as Immaculate Conception celebrated their college acceptances with a lot of cheers, hugs, and even took photos in a photo booth! DO NOT miss out on the opportunity to attend the upcoming Instant Decision Day on Jan. 28!

The Guidance Department encourages students to participate as it is a very fun and exciting opportunity. This experience also is very beneficial to you, the students, and the admissions counselors from the colleges attending. It gives them a chance to actually meet a prospect to their school rather than read a lot of words like they do every other day. Being yourself and making a good impression should really have them thinking, WOW! We need this student at our school. It may seem pretty corny, but it’s the truth!

Now we all know getting prepared for Instant Decision Day can be quite the workload but asking for help would be a great way to start preparing. Email your guidance counselors or even stop by and ask if an intern can help you! Also, make sure to grab copies of the Instant Decision Day packets! It has everything you should have completed by Jan. 28. Below are broken down steps on everything instant:

1. Register – Submit a transcript request form (copies located in guidance) for each college you’d like to apply to! These forms should be put in Ms. Lewis’s mailbox! The deadline for this has passed on Jan. 8, but do not be discouraged, Ms. Lewis would still like as many seniors to participate in the event!

2. Apply – Please apply to all the colleges you want from the list available in the Instant Decision Day packets located in central office. Some colleges may ask you not to submit but print what you’ve completed; therefore, please look over requirements. If you do submit your application, make sure to print out a confirmation page.

3. SAT/ACT Scores – Please print out copies of your SAT/ACT scores for each college. Make sure you also send them to each college through your College Board account.

4. Naviance – For every college you are meeting with on I.D.D., make sure you add the college(s) to your list of Colleges I’m Applying to.

5. Letters of Recommendation – Make sure you have requested your letters for each college and check Naviance to ensure your letters are complete. Your letters will be printed out the day of and will be given to the admissions counselors.

6. College Essay – Have your essay ready for the admissions counselors to look over. It can be an essay from the Common Application or just a general college essay –just make sure you leave an impression.

7. Resume – An essay isn’t the only thing that will impress an admissions counselor. They also look to see how you are as an overall student and individual. So make sure you print out copies of your resume for each college. If you do not have one made, log onto Naviance to use the resume tool and create one today!

8. Application Fees – Most colleges are waiving their application fees so when applying click the fee waiver option. If you cannot complete the application without paying the fee please print out the application and bring it with you on Instant Decision Day.

9. Admissions Requirements – Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Look through the college requirements and see if you meet their standards. If you’re a little under their initial requirements, do not be discouraged and sit down with that college’s admission counselor.

10. EOF/EOP – If you have free/reduced lunch you may be eligible for the EOF/EOP for financial aid. For this application, print out each college’s EOF application and bring it with you on Instant Decision Day!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get into college in an instance! What’s better than knowing right away? If you need any assistance with any of the steps above, please schedule an appointment with your counselor. If something is urgent, please come into guidance and ask Mrs. Cangialosi if there is any intern that is free to help you!