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Driton Cadraku
Q: Why did you want to join the Rampage?

A: I love to edit and there were no other classes that provided the opportunity to edit in class like the one offered in the Rampage. So I thought that it was cool that our school provided a class that allowed us to edit for our school’s website.

Q: Do you still feel like a junior or has it hit you that you’re a senior?

A: I’ve always had senioritis, but it does feel weird to think that I am a senior. I know that I am, but sometimes it feels like I’m not. It’s just crazy how time flies.

Q: What are three words you'd say describe yourself?

A: Funny, because I am funny.. Interesting because sometimes the things that I say are really interesting, but in a good way. And energetic because, around the people with whom I feel most comfortable, I’m always hyper and I get into funny conversations.

Q: What is the one vine that will always be your favorite? (RIP Vine)

A: Okay, it’s a weird one but there’s this one where they’re in a supermarket and the girl zooms in and someone’s face just comes in front and says ‘BONQUISHA.’ That one makes me wheeze. Or the guy is taking a selfie and he puts it to his dog and the dog does a smile; those vines always make me smile. 

( -- vine for reference)

Q: What would you say is the one thing you need to survive high school?

A: Friends. I couldn’t have survived these whole four years without the people that I became friends with.

Driton Cadraku, Writer

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