Palentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it is important to recognize the people in your life that you care about deeply. Whether it be your significant other, family, or friends, these people impact your life in many different ways. The people that influence the students in Lodi High School are their friends! Whether it be from growing up together or meeting for the first time in homeroom, these friends are with you for most of your time whether it be at school, in a sport, or simply just hanging out. This Valentine’s Day, we should reflect on what those friendships mean to us. Friendship means to support and be there for each other no matter what life throws your way. Through all of your hardships, struggles, and accomplishments, a friend is there to cheer you on. 

For the Girls:

Female friendships are an extremely important bond to have, especially as teenagers. As Rebecca Traister, an American author once stated: “Female friendship has been the bedrock of women’s lives for as long as there have been women.” This idea is essential to have because it is completely true. Psychology wise, females tend to thrive off of support from other females. Such empowerment and motivation that comes from hanging out with your girlfriends is a leading factor the contributes to confidence and courage. Your girls will always have your back throughout any hardship!

For the Boys:

Listen up, fellas! Valentine’s day isn’t just for those who are all boo’d up this season. Taking some time to appreciate those important in your life is just as essential this time of the year as showering someone with roses and chocolates. There are all types of love so set aside a day to give back to those who have stuck with you through thick and thin. Whether you spend February 14th spoiling your sweetheart or hanging with the homies, be sure to show appreciation for those who have had your back through it all.

The Lodi Rampage decided to showcase the strong friendships and bonds that have blossomed throughout Lodi High School! Here we commend them for their ability to make each other’s day brighter!

Happy Palentine’s Day!