Blast from the Past: Alumni Panel

With college application season coming to an end, seniors are no longer focused on meeting deadlines; now, the anticipation of what college will be like has set in! Questions about dorming, choosing a major, and making schedules are on everyone’s mind and what better way to answer these questions than by having recent LHS graduates come back and talk about their first semester? This group of LHS alumni had a variety of experiences and each person in the panel came to share. There was a nice selection of students ranging from people who dorm and others who commute. Business, engineering, and educations were just some of the majors present. Juniors and seniors had a chance to, not only, hear firsthand about adjusting to the college environment, but also, they had a chance to ask any questions that they had.┬áMrs. Orosz organized the entire event and even raised some points that weren’t brought up! The upperclassmen enjoyed the company of the alumni and left feeling more prepared for their own college experiences!

See the pictures above to catch a glimpse of this event!