Senior December To- Do List

Senior December To- Do List

The holidays are here! Everyone’s writing their wish lists and checking their gift lists. But, if you’re a senior you definitely have some other lists to attend to! Deadlines are rapidly approaching and it’s time to act now! Unfortunately, most early action deadlines are now over but if you missed them you can always apply by regular admission. Just make sure you have all your recommendations, transcripts, and applications done on time and completed properly. Mrs. Orosz has some few comments for the Class of 2015 as well…

Seniors should sign up for the next two major events!

  •         College Financial Aid and FAFSA Day – Jan. 22
  •         Super Instant Decision Day II – Jan. 30

The info is below:

*College Financial Aid and FAFSA Day*

When:  January 22, 2015 @ 9am

Where:  Lodi High School

On January 22nd, college financial aid counselors will be coming to Lodi High School in order to help Lodi HS students complete their FAFSA applications.  You must complete this application in order to be eligible for financial aid. Please follow the below instructions if you would like to participate in this event!

Register for your FAFSA PIN by Jan. 5  – Go to and provide a few pieces of information such as your name, date of birth, Social Security number, and address. See Mrs. Orosz to sign up for the event by Dec. 22.

Bring the below documents to Mrs. Orosz by Jan. 5.

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
  3. W2 Forms
  4. Tax Records (2013 or 2014 if filed already)
  5. Your FAFSA PIN


*LHS Super Instant Decision Day II*

January 30, 2015

On Instant Decision Day, the attached colleges will be attending Lodi High School in order to meet with students who are interested in applying to their respective colleges. Remember, Instant Decision is NOT Early Decision.  Being accepted to a college on Instant Decision Day does not mean you have to attend that college.

Below please find a list of the MANDATORY STEPS you will need to take in order to be prepared for this day.  If you have any questions, please see your Guidance Counselor ASAP!

  1. Register: (Transcript Request Forms): Sign up for the colleges you would like to apply to on Instant Decision Day by submitting a transcript request form for each college to your counselor by Jan. 5th. Inform your counselor that you are applying to the school via Instant Decision Day by writing “Instant Decision Day” across the top of your Transcript Request Form. Mrs. Orosz will provide your official transcripts to the college admissions counselors of the colleges you are applying to on Jan. 30th
  2. Naviance: Add the colleges you are applying to via Instant Decision Day to Naviance  under “Colleges I’m Applying To” by Jan. 5.
  3. Applications: Apply to the colleges you are interested in online before Jan 16.  This only applies to the colleges that require you to apply online.  Also, print your online application or a confirmation that you completed your online application and bring this with you when you meet with each respective admissions counselor.  Bring a completed paper application the day of for the colleges on the list attached that indicate that they require paper applications.
  4.  SAT/SATII/ACT: Request official copies of your scores to be sent electronically to the colleges directly through and/or by Jan. 16 Print copies of your scores from your and accounts to bring with you on Instant Decision Day.  Be sure to print one copy for each college you are applying to.
  5.  Letters of Recommendation: Request all of your letters of recommendation on Naviance by Dec. 22.  Please let your teachers know you will need the letters completed and uploaded to Naviance by Jan. 16. I will print these letters from Naviance for you and provide them to the admissions counselors of the schools you are applying to on Instant Decision Day.  You are responsible for ensuring that the correct number of letters that are required for each school are uploaded on Naviance by Jan. 16.  
  6. College Essay: Be sure to bring copies of your college essay with you on Instant Decision Day.  
  7.  Resume: Be sure to bring copies of your resume/activities profile with you on Instant Decision Day.
  8.  Application Fees: Most colleges are waiving their application fees for Instant Decision Day.  When you apply online for each college, click on the application fee waiver option.  If you are unable to submit your application without paying a fee, print the application and bring it with you on Instant Decision Day.  Please be sure to reference the “Application Fee Waived?” column of each college on the list attached. If the college is not waiving their application fee on Instant Decision Day and you have free/reduced lunch, please see Mrs. Orosz before Jan. 16.
  9. Admissions Requirements: Make yourself aware of each college’s admissions requirements attached. If your scores fall slightly below the GPA/SAT/ACT requirements, I still encourage you to apply via Instant Decision Day. If you fall too far below the admissions requirements, you WILL NOT be able to participate on Instant Decision Day.  You may still apply to the college via Regular Decision.
  10.  EOF/EOP: If you have free or reduced lunch, you may be eligible for the Educational Opportunity Fund or Educational Opportunity Program at the colleges who offer it.  Find this application on the individual colleges’ websites, complete it, and bring it with you on the Instant Decision Day.
College Application Letters of Recommendation SAT/ACT Essay App Fee Waived? (GPA/SAT/ACT) Contact Email Special Requests
Bloomfield College maroon and yellow app day of – paper 2 required essay or graded paper Yes 2.5/800CR&M/17 Julia Del Bagno [email protected]
College of St. Elizabeth online Beth Woodruff [email protected]
College of St. Rose online 1 optional required Yes 3.2 Stillwell, Caitlin [email protected]
East Stroudsburg red and black online optional required optional Free/Reduced Lunch Only 2.5/800/CR&M/17 Agnieszka Brannan [email protected] Nursing-(500 math & 500 critical reading/composite 22 ACT & 3.0 GPA to be considered)o All Pre-Programs (Medical, Physicians Assistance etc…, 1150 SAT/25 ACT 3.5 GPA) exception Pre-Engineeringo All Math & Computer Science majors (minimum 500 math)
Fairleigh Dickinson bring app day of – paper or online required Yes 2.5/900/CR&M/19 Kodi Milde [email protected]
Fairleigh Dickinson – Latino Promise red and blue paper application (from Mrs. Orosz) 2 required optional Yes 2.5/900/CR&M/19 Irene Oujo [email protected]
Felician College black and yellow online 2 required required Yes 3.0/900-1000 CR&M/19 Rey Sentina [email protected]
Johnson & Wales yellow and blue online optional optional Yes 2.5/optional Mike LaPorte [email protected]
Kean University complete online and print (do not submit) online 1 required optional Yes 3.0/900 CR&M/17 Joseph Inzitari [email protected]
Keystone College Shane Pagnotti [email protected]
Mercy College online recommended optional recommended Yes 3.0/optional Meredith Gallagher [email protected]
NJ City University yellow and green online optional required required Yes 2.75/950CR&M Daniel Scarano [email protected]
NJIT red and blue online counselor and Math or Sci for EOF required Free/Reduced Lunch Only 3.0/1050CR&M/23 Miosotis Hernandez [email protected]
NYIT online 2/3/2014 required personal statement 3.0/1000/22 Jenise Ly [email protected]
  1. PT & OT we need 1100 SAT score reading math combined PLUS 100 ALREADY COMPLETED shadow hours under licensed PT & OT – b. BS.D.O program 1200 SAT and 90 GPA – 4. GPA average 80 (3.0) except PT, OT, BS. DO. Which requires about 90.
Post University – CT online 1 required recommended Yes 2.3/800CR&M/17 Virginia Foldgers [email protected]
Ramapo maroon and white online 1 required Yes EOF App must be filled out 3.0/1000 CR&M/22 Anthony Dovi [email protected]