Thanksgiving Traditions


Typically, Thanksgiving is celebrated by the entire family surrounding the dinner table devouring an array of different food.  The room is consumed with laughter and talking, and the aroma of gravy fills the air.  If your family celebrates like mine, the football game is certainly on TV.  In Mr. Noordeloos’ family, everyone shares what they are thankful for while sitting around the dinner table as they enjoy his mother-in-law’s famous stuffing.  When Mrs. Orosz celebrates Thanksgiving, she makes sure to keep her grandmother’s recipes on the table because Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday.  However, traditional Thanksgiving festivities may be different for everyone.  For example, LHS English teacher Mr. Morali has a small family.  Instead of a typical turkey dinner, his family orders Chinese food and watches a movie in theaters.  As you can see, families across America all spend their holidays in different ways.  Most importantly, they are surrounded by loved ones and enjoy their time spent with each other.