Random Acts of Kindness Week

Caterina Messina

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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Why should we try to do something nice for someone else? Why is kindness so important in our society? The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation believes that the power of kindness can change the way people see and experience the world. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to inspire schools, communities and homes to spread kindness throughout. The foundation was founded in 1995 and is the founder of Random Acts of Kindness Day, which takes place on Feb. 17, and Random Acts of Kindness Week, which takes place between Feb. 17-23. Within this week schools and communities are urged to do their part and spread simple acts of kindness all around. One specific kind act from the Key Club at Lodi High School was sticking positive notes onto every locker throughout the school. This act put a smile on every students’ face as they arrived at their lockers that day.

There are many acts you can do not only during Random Acts of Kindness week but throughout year, as well, because it is important to be kind always. Some examples include:

  • Post  sticky notes with  positive messages around your school
  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Buy extra at the grocery store and donate it to a food pantry
  • Send an encouraging text to someone
  • Bring a friend a snack without them asking
  • Help out around the house without being told to
  • Wash someone else’s car
  • Take a gift to new neighbors and introduce yourself
  • Pay the bus fare for the passenger behind you
  • Hold the door open for someone

These are only a few of the many simple acts of kindness that you can take part in throughout the year in order to put a smile on someone’s face. Being kind will not only make others happy, but it will make you feel prideful for the positivity you have spread!



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