Spooky Throwbacks!

On Halloween, students usually dress up and show off their unique and creative costumes around school and while they go trick-or-treat. Has anyone ever wondered what teachers used to dress up as for Halloween? Well, luckily, The Lodi Rampage was able to track down some teachers who were willing to share some of their costume classics!


The picture shown is of teacher and coach Mr. Siconolfi, as Robin.


You may not know it, but hiding in the back is the alien Ms. Getrajdman!


Above is a photo of siblings, Mr. Lewis as Buzz Light Year and Ms. Lewis as a doctor!


Little did you know, this picture is of Ms. Sciarra dressed to impress on Halloween!


Walking in the picture above is gypsy, Mrs. Orosz!


Mrs. Passano looks the happiest she can be as a red crayon!


Is it a prisoner or Mr. Romeo??


Here, Mrs. Neshan proudly stunts in her clown makeup. We need to contact her makeup artist!


Senior year some students dressed up as batman or a clown, but Mr Foster dressed up with style as an old man!