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Between 2 Rams: Mr Lewis

January 11, 2019

Join Donny and Dylon in their second edition of Between 2 Rams where they will be joined by, English teacher, Mr. Lewis! Donny and Dylon will be going through another one of their wacky interviews beh...

Trends Rewind: 2018

December 20, 2018

Since its start, social media has had a huge impact on people of all ages. It gives us entertainment when we watch our favorite YouTube stars and it fills our hearts with love as we rekindle old relationships...

LHS Teachers’ Thanksgiving

November 21, 2018

Ever wonder what teachers are like outside of school? What about what they're like during the holidays? Well, the Rampage staff gathered up their best impersonations to express what they think those teachers...

Between 2 Rams

November 21, 2018

Join Donny Mantilla and Dylon Cook in the newest edition of The Lodi Rampage! Between 2 Rams will be a series of interviews between the two rams (Dylon and Donny) and a teacher of their choice. We will...

Halloween: Expectation Versus Reality

October 30, 2018

We've all had those moments when reality slaps us in the face. Halloween festivities allow for a lot of room for these awkward situations. Sometimes you think you have a unique costume but you turn out...

Is it Worth it?

February 13, 2018

Inspired by Buzzfeed's Worth It series, the Lodi Rampage went around to compare Valentine's Day gifts at completely different price points. We took, junior couple, Caterina Messina and Donny Mantilla on this ...

Pumpkin Picasso

Pumpkin Picasso

October 30, 2017

There is a little Picasso in everyone, and here at Lodi there are no exceptions. With Halloween coming up, the Rampage asked students and faculty to compete in a five minute competition to paint their...

14 Days of Love: Day 1

February 1, 2017

Love is in the air here at Lodi High School! During the month of February, the Rampage will be releasing a video every day leading up to Valentine's Day. These videos will feature all types of relationships...

A Day in the Life as Cosmo and Wanda

A Day in the Life as Cosmo and Wanda

Jennifer Mahon, Contributor

October 31, 2016

Filed under 2016-2017

The beloved animated television series of the boy with two magical fairy godparents, that is embedded in our childhood memories, is being brought to life this Halloween season by sophomore couple, C...