They March, They Cry, They Sweat Together


Allie playing the saxophone at the Hawthorne game.

She’s charismatic, humble, talented, witty… and a tad dramatic. After conducting an interview with LHS senior and Marching Band member, Alexandra Vazquez, we found out what she looks forward to the most in her last year of Marching Band and other fun facts. She joined marching band as a junior, and when asked what led her there, she humbly replied “I joined because Mac… I don’t want to say she forced me but… vividly talked me into it!” This year Allie is looking forward to playing Bruno Mars, which makes the show fun and upbeat. Allie plays alto saxophone, which she picked up at a summer band two years ago, and she loves it! Allie considers the Marching Band a family, saying “We march, we cry, we sweat together and I take huge pride in it. The feeling of going on to the field and showing what we’ve been working hard for is really good.”

Allie is also known for her appearances in the spring musicals of Lodi High since her freshman year. Drama Club for her is not only about acting, but it is also the people, and the feeling of release when impersonating a different character on stage. She aptly says “Acting takes the weight off of your shoulders, so you can forget the bad in your life for at least 15 minutes.” She declares that she would like to pursue music, but as a hobby, and that acting is her true passion. She would like to become a professional actress and says that if it doesn’t work out, she will become a drama teacher, so people can learn to “Get out of themselves and express things their way.” As a closing comment Allie says “Join Marching Band!”