People of Poetry

People of Poetry

There are so many clubs to join at LHS that it could be overwhelming trying to choose the ones you would be most interested in. If you like to write and express yourself you might want to consider joining poetry club; here is an inside look as to what it is all about.

The poetry club is run by Mr. Morali, who shares the same love for poetry as his students do.  He describes poetry club as “a refuge for students who want to express themselves, but don’t necessarily have the capacity to in other places.”  The atmosphere of the club is relaxed, however the poetry is taken very seriously.   Through poems, you’re able to learn so much about the people around you. Because a lot of poems include personal content and are shared among the group in confidence an automatic connection is created, making the club more like a family.

The President, Wilneris Santana, and Vice President, Vanessa Montalvo, tell The Rampage about their experiences thus far in poetry club. Both of these senior poets were voted into office unanimously by the previous leaders and members of the club, as well as other teachers. They were chosen based on their passion for poetry and obvious dedication.  These two ladies are the role models of the club, they are expected to set a good example, and help other members improve their writing.

Her freshmen year, Wilneris decided to join poetry club after her friend had suggested it. She didn’t think she would like it, but she went for it anyway; little did she know poetry would become something she loved.  Vanessa’s older sister was a senior involved in poetry club when she was a freshmen.  After school, Vanessa would sit in on the poetry club meetings while she waited for her sister. The more she went the more interested in poetry she became, and by the end of her freshmen year she knew she discovered something special.  Vanessa officially joined the club at the beginning of her sophomore year.

Wilneris and Vanessa both agree that one of the best things about poetry club are the people you get to meet and become friends with.  “All the people in the club are people you wouldn’t expect to friends.  There are people from different cliques, and they all join and become friends. It’s interesting how it happens, because otherwise we wouldn’t be friends.”

New members are always welcome into the poetry club.  If writing is something you love, you can check out poetry club on Thursdays after school in Mr. Morali’s classroom, 123.  While this is definitely a fun way to express yourself, being involved in this club takes a great deal of dedication and commitment.

The Rampage asked what members’ favorite thing about poetry is, and this is what they had to say: