Once A Ram, Always A Ram!


As baseball and softball season comes to an end, so does the athletic careers of some of the seniors. Seniors Troy Ortiz, John Calabrese, Hank Liegeois, Devin Robertson, Brandon Rios, Emiliano Domi, Juan Pena, Austin Mcguire, Brianna Rohr, Catherine Lucas, Olivia Fallon, and Kaetlynn Ayala have all finished their final season as a Lodi Ram. We all got the chance to watch these seniors become better athletes within the last four years. John Calabrese was asked what he was going to miss most about high school baseball and he said “I am going to miss playing with my closest friends. At shortstop, I would look to my left and see Troy and if I looked to my right I saw Guerra, and these are the kids I grew up with. You cant get that anywhere other than high school ball.” Brianna Rohr was asked the same question about her experience. She shares that she will miss, “The bond you can have with your team and getting the chance to spend everyday after school with each other.” High school baseball and softball gives the opportunity for athletes to grow a bond that’ll last forever. The memories that were made will always be a part of these players’ lives. These seniors got the chance to travel to Myrtle Beach, compete in the Bergen County Tournament, and compete in the state tournament multiple times. Now a big chapter in their life has ended, but an even bigger chapter is beginning.