LHS Volleyball Tournament


It started with 12 teams: SouthBeach, Team Apex, the Razzler Dazzlers, the Hophanators, the Flamingos, the Block Busters, Blackout, the Boilmakerz, the Peacocks featuring Matt Leto, Vicious & Delicious, Showtime, and the Softees. Each team fighting for a chance to obtain glory, each fighting for a championship… although there was no trophy orb prize, it was the heart that brought each team over the top. In the end it came down to the ultimate underdogs, SouthBeach, and the most dominating team of the competition, Showtime.



SouthBeach won the first game against Team Apex, but no one would’ve guessed that they would defeat the Peacocks featuring Matt. While everyone was still in awe after the win, SouthBeach also went on to beat another senior-oriented team in Vicious & Delicious. Although the Vicious crew was dressed for the occasion (fancy shirts and basketball shorts), their performance didn’t follow with them. That lost them their spot in the championship.


Showtime had a different road traveled compared to SouthBeach. They started off the tournament with a bye….not bad right? The Block Busters was Showtime’s first prey and after that victory they went on to verse the Softees. It was a clash between the Junior and Senior class, besides Damanveer Singh who betrayed his own classmates by playing for Showtime.


The Southern Beach met the team that was always Showing Time. It was no time for games…besides the one that was being played. Sweat and tears were shed on that court, all for one reason, to be a champion. SouthBeach, comprised of Richard Fontanillas, Adam Ortiz, Mike Scrafano, Chris Caban, Bryan Williams, and Evan Geisler, stumbled early. They fought back near the end, but team Showtime, with players David Acevedo, Bryan Roth, Troy Ortiz, Kevin Mahon, Sukhi Kaur, Damanveer Singh, and Johnny Calabrese, had the last word as they came out with the win. They’re playing wasn’t over though as they also had to verse the Teacher Team, which included  Mr. Noordeloos,  Mr. Romeo, Ms. Policastro, Ms. Garcia, Mr. Wilson, and Alex Mella. The adolescents weren’t fazed though, as Showtime stood alone on the court, ruling over all. This team had the heart, the commitment, and the will to do their job, and that was to win a volleyball tournament.