Top Ten Romantic Comedies


Arlet Cruz, Assistant Editor

WHETHER IT IS VALENTINES DAY OR SOME REGULAR TUESDAY, watching movies can always bring a smile to anyone’s face. Romantic comedies or “Rom-Coms” are no different. They are a mixture are both romance and comedy along with drama that anyone can enjoy. Here are 10 top rom-coms that you can watch.


10 Things I Hate About You is a Shakespeare adapted 90s movie starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger. The romantic comedy revolves around two sisters, Biana and Kat (Katarina) Stratford, who aren’t allowed to date until Kat, a senior who loves indie rock and hates conformity, does. However, Cameron James, a new student, is set on dating the beautiful Bianca, so he along with a trusted companion, makes a plan to have Patrick Verona, a boy with a mysterious reputation along with some confusing rumors following him, have Kat fall in love with him.


Alicia Silverston stars in Clueless as socially acceptable and outwardly vain and shallow Cher in this 1995 movie. Cher sees herself as a matchmaker after setting up two teachers and she attempts to use her hidden wits and intelligence to transform Tai, a new klutzy student, only for it to backfire on her. 


Grease is an all time favorite surrounding the world of Greases and Pink Ladies as two teenagers, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, try to become like each other in order to be able to stay with each other. Two opposites attempting to reignite their summer love along with their eccentric friends, it’s only a recipe for comedic disaster. 

4) 13 GOING ON 30

After waking up as a 30 year old after her 13 year old self faced complete humiliation, Jenna Rink has a fabulous life – her dream wardrobe, apartment and boyfriend. However, she soon realizes that she only needs her childhood best friend, Matt, but when she meets him as an adult, he’s no longer his old self.


The Notebook is a beautiful love story of two lovers, Allie and Noah, who had their glorious summer love, but ends as their social classes clash with one another. Years later when Allie’s life is written out and placed in front of her, she is drawn back to her ex-lover Noah as he built the house he once promised her. 


A Walk To Remember comes from the same author as The Notebook. Complete opposites, Jamie and Carter, are thrown together as Carter is forced to join community service after a prank lands a student in a clinic. Their relationship seems strained with Jame’s religious father and Carter’s old friends getting in the way, but as they continue their relationship, an ultimate test and secret will prove their love to a divided world.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before revolves around Lara-Jean Covey when her secret love letters are sent out to all of her old loves. Her life is turned upside down and inside out as her past lovers confront her one by one, but when Peter Kavinsky, one of the boys she’s loved before, comes with a proposition that would help both Lara Jean and Peter in their troubles, she jumps at the opportunity.


She’s All That is a romantic comedy of a dare gone correctly? High school jock, Zack Stiler, is dumped by his super popular girlfriend, Taylor, who fell for an actor over the summer. In a slump, Zack accepts a dare from his friend to turn the most “geeky” looking girl into the future prom queen – Laney Boggs. As soon as Zack begins his transformation of Laney, he soon finds himself attracted to her, but with the dare looming over his head and Laney’s innocence Zack’s true intentions, it seems that there may be more than one obstacle. 


Aubrey Hepburn stars in Breakfast At Tiffany’s as a New York socialite, Holly Golightly, who falls in love with Paul Varjak, her handsome new neighbor. The glitzy socialite catches Paul’s eye with her fabulous lifestyle, however, Holly has to keep her past at bay, but so does Paul. Will Holly’s early-morning breakfast at Tiffany’s be the beginning of a love affair?


Love, Simon is a LGBTQ story that is told by Simon Spier, a closeted gay teenager, who falls in love with “Blue”, a boy who he emails. The only problem is this: Simon doesn’t know who Blue is. As he attempts to figure out who Blue is, he tried to figure out who he is himself.