Agricultural Club Feature


Stephanie Ochoa, Arlet Cruz, Staff Writer, Assistant Editor

The Agricultural club here at Lodi High School aims to teach the basic necessities of agriculture. In this club, they have taught members to take care of livestock, that being the chickens! They also have their members work with their plants to learn how to develop and care for them. Some of the plants include herbs like basil and mint and other vegetables such as peppers and lettuce.

Recently, the Agricultural club has been experiencing great successes from their recent fun raisers, being the plant sales they been conducting and have been generally experiencing their successes the entirety of the year with their other fun raisers including the chicken pin sales and the bake sales.

Come check out the Agricultural club as much can be learned from it and continue their success through buying a thing or two from their fun raisers!

Agricultural Club Officers:

Syed Arman Ali (President)
Isabela Valle (President)
Trinity Kruse (Secretary)
Aya ElMedarawy (Secretary)
Patricia Nicdao (Vice President)
Lissbeth Rubio (Vice President)