Spring Art Feature


Stephanie Ochoa, Staff Writer

The Lodi Rampage admires all of the beautiful artwork created by Lodi High School. Every piece is as unique as the creative mind that brings it to life. This month’s Rampage Art feature takes a look into various pieces embodying the spirit of spring!!!

Artist 1

Name: Vincent Van Gogh

“Almond Blossom”

This piece by Vincent Van Gogh embodies beautiful light and pastel colors while using elements of Japanese Ukiyoe prints to illustrate an image of an almond blossom tree. The blossoming flowers and the petals flowing from the branches imitate a calming view, evoking the feelings of hope and awakening embracing the feel of spring. This piece was originally made as a gift to his newly born nephew whose parents were his brother Theo and his sister-in-law Jo in 1890. The couple decided to hand the painting above their son’s bed. The painting’s meaning of awakening and joy connect with the birth of his new nephew, embracing a beautiful meaning and demonstrating a stunning piece to be thought of when spring come around the corner.

Artist 2

Name: Pierre Auguste Cot


Besides for its name, this painting embodies the glee one feels during spring through its muted and soft colors and demonstrating a flirtatious couple enjoying the time they are living in. The painting’s main purpose is to demonstrate the beauty of spring and the joy and intimacy it brings between people. The painting romanticizes the time by the two deeply in love figures in the painting. This piece was painted with oil paints in 1873.

Artist 3

Name: Alphonse Mucha


In a more unique demonstration of spring, this piece personifies the season itself and demonstrates the elements of it through the soft colors of spring, utilizing warm and soft colors and having the women surrounded by the falling petal brought by the bloom of the tree behind her. The relaxed and elegant posture of the women embodies the joy and glee brought from the season through even the light and almost transparent white clothing she is wearing. The elements brought together produce a serene image exemplifying the true beauty found in nature during the spring season. The painting was in 1900 using a distinct printing technique known as lithography when producing his posters.