Art Feature – December Edition

Stephanie Ochoa, Staff Writer

Stephanie Ochoa

October 31, 2022

The Lodi Rampage admires all of the beautiful artwork the Lodi High School students create. Every piece is as unique as every creative mind that brings it to life. The Rampage is starting a new Monthly Art Feature where we will showcase the artwork of different artists every month. We are excited to see what kind of artwork you all will create this school year!


Artist 1

Name: Jacob Hutchens

Year: Sophomore

Medium: Digital

“Digital art” (Name was not specified)

I made this drawing which is a representation of myself combined with all of my fears. The only true inspiration I found was from the boredom I experienced, I just set my mind to do it. As you can see I made this drawing digitally and the app I used is an outdated one.

Artist 2

Name: Aldo Hernandez

Year: Sophomore

Medium: Pencil


The scene depicted in the drawing is a representation of what older people believe I am because of the way I dress. The inspiration behind this scene is to create a contrast as to the way a person dresses and to the way they act. However a great contribution to the making of this piece was a lot of random doodling that came upon this idea.

Artist 3

Name: Steven Serrano

Year: Sophomore

Medium: Colored pencil/pencil

The following piece is a cracked skull biting down on a dripping dagger. The bottom of the dagger is also drawn with a cracked skull to symbolize greed and ambition. This drawing was made because of a school project on symbolism. I found my inspiration by looking at various art pieces involving skulls, which lead me into making my own take on it. The skull may seem simple at first glance, however, the cracks along the skull and the skull on the dagger symbolize the tragic events and the trauma. This piece took me around two hours to make.