Monthly Art Feature

Stephanie Ochoa, Staff Writter

Stephanie Ochoa

October 31, 2022

The Lodi Rampage admires all of the beautiful artwork the Lodi High School students create. Every piece is as unique as every creative mind that brings it to life. The Rampage is starting a new Monthly Art Feature where we will showcase the artwork of different artists every month. We are excited to see what kind of artwork you all will create this school year!


Artist 1

Name: Khristie Torres

Year: Sophomore

Medium: Color pencil/crayon

“Rising Sunset”

I decided to draw this scene because I wanted to draw something that represented the beautiful sun we see everyday.  I found my inspiration for this scene when seeing a sun and moon themed drawing. I used colored pencils and crayons in this drawing and it took me around 4 days to finish.

Artist 2

Name: Leslie Ochoa

Year: Sophomore

Medium: Watercolor

“Abstract Watercolor”

With this painting, I wanted to spark peace and joy. I found my inspiration for this piece when mixing the paint for another painting that I was working on at the time. Using watercolor as my medium, it took me around 4 days to finish this piece.

Artist 3

Name: Katherine Cordero

Year: Freshman

Medium: Paint, markers, ink, and graphite

“Northern Lights”

In this piece, I wanted to combine the beauty I find in foxes and my desire to see the northern lights in person to tie it back into one of my favorite folklore tales. My inspiration for this piece came from the Finnish Folklore where “Arctic foxes would run so quickly that they created sparks of northern lights when by the mountain.” In this piece, I used a great variety of materials, ranging from paint, markers, ink, and graphite, taking me around two hours to finish this drawing.