Monthly Artist Feature

Stephanie Ochoa

The Lodi Rampage admires all of the beautiful artwork the Lodi High School students create. Every piece is as unique as every creative mind that brings it to life. The Rampage is starting a new Monthly Art Feature where we will showcase the artwork of different artists every month. We are excited to see what kind of artwork you all will create this school year!


Artist 1

Name: Dayanara Alvarez

Year: Senior

Medium: Painting

“Smoky Mountain Sunset Landscape”

I chose to paint this scenery because of the sheer beauty in it. When working on this piece, I also wanted to achieve a calm setting. I also wanted to focus on getting more comfortable with blending colors together, especially darker ones. My creativity mainly comes from the idea of wanting to further improve my skills and I simply just wanted to try something more challenging. For this painting, I used acrylic paint. It took me around a week to finish.

Artist 2 

Name: Kimberly Cobos

Year: Junior

Medium: Painting


I sketched and painted a dalmatian who got himself into a mess of different color paints and innocently sitting with an adorable “guilty” face. I chose to draw this because I have this huge heart for animals, especially dogs. My inspiration for this art piece was myself because I am a very clumsy person and I usually feel guilty after I accidentally do something that I didn’t mean to do. When I was younger, I was bullied for being clumsy or just for being myself, which is why I chose a dalmatian to be the center of my piece. This piece took me about 1 month maybe a bit more.

Artist 3

Name: Ernisa Mrasori

Year: Junior

Medium: Painting

“Blue Roses”

This acrylic painting symbolizes the character Laura from the book, Glass Menagerie. Her character is like a delicate flower that stays in her own bubble collecting glass animals translating to my depiction of a rose, a delicate flower. I also chose to paint something representing this character because I relate to her as a shy person. You can appreciate more of Ernisa’s art on her professional Instagram account: @nisa_art46