September Poetry Review

in love 2/22.


you and your OCD

me and my overthinking

and yet there are these moments 

when our only obsession 

is making each other smile


sometimes when we’re together

we forget about those mental battles

those wars seem to take a backseat

whenever i’m sitting beside you


-r.h. Sin

This is a poem from r.h. Sin’s she just wants to forget. The poetry collection includes works similar to “in love 2/22.” However, the differentiating element of this piece is its captivating use of metaphors and relatable challenges, like overthinking. When Sin discusses OCD and mental battles, it creates a space for readers to relate to and acknowledge mental and emotional health. The main idea of the work is finding comfort in someone as they offer comfort through the challenges of finding mental and emotional peace. Readers searching for a poetry book that reimagines themes of loss, love, obstacles, and recovery will love she just wants to forget.