Green Eggs and Ham? Green Bagels Instead!


Ever thought about green foods? No, I’m not talking about eating vegetables. I’m talking about eating green things for St.Patrick’s day! Ms. Vado and her students had a brilliant idea and on St.Patrick’s Day this idea came to life. These kind people were the ones to host St.Patrick’s Bagel Breakfast. In order to attend this event students payed $10 and in return they spent first period in the cafeteria while hanging out with their friends and munching on green bagels, green cookies, and other delicious goods. In an interview with Ms. Vado, she talks about how this event came to fruition. 

Q: Why did you do decide to host this event?

A: So it’s been a while since any school activity has been done in terms of getting everyone unified and together, and we thought this was a great opportunity after COVID to have all the students come together…and it was nice to see everybody enjoying their meal, smiling. One thing that Lodi has is a diverse student body, and it’s nice to see that come together.

Q: Did you yourself try some green foods like green cookies or green bagels?

A: Yes! They were delicious! What’s not to love on St. Patrick’s Day, and the Bagel House definitely pulled through. They love to support any school functions we do, so shout out to the Bagel House for that.

Q: Would you do this again?

A: Oh absolutely! This was one of our best events. That and the empanada sales; the empanadas went fast!

Q: And you had fun right?

A:Not only did I have fun but like I said, the entire student body that participated really enjoyed themselves. They were taking pictures with Lucky Henry and enjoying all the treats we had to offer. It was nice!