When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

When We Know It, You'll Know It

The Lodi Rampage

A Glowy Day – Homecoming 2023


October 14, a day filled with enjoyable events and ongoing traditions! Lodi High School’s Homecoming game, ceremony, and dance have been an exciting tradition for many years now!


In addition to the start of homecoming, the game was also Senior Day for our football, cheer leading, and band seniors. Before the game, these student-athletes were honored and introduced with their families before the start of the game. The rampage would also like to honor these students below:

Cheer Seniors:

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Courtney Kaminski

Edelyn Taveras

Alessia Veloz

Kailyn Rivera

Anahi Salazar 

Rihanna Rosario

Natasha Bediako

Eyliana Estevez



Gabe Gonzalez

Johanna Rivera

Oscar Lopez

Maya Anand

Aiden Vera

Nadine Yamat

Kevin Ribero

Xander Artz


Color Guard:

Natasha Vargas

Madison Vargas 



Kendrick Gyamfi

Robert Cardone

Jermaine Jiles

Ivan Larcier

Joseph Bazemore

Andrew Avalos

Ryan Mastrofilipo

Pj Rossi

Harun Agus

Alquan Hines

Jabari Whitaker

Dominick Morgan

Chris Morales

Dylan Scandiffio


Half time brought the beginning of Homecoming festivities. The Queen and her court, who were announced the previous day, were announced and honored in the Gym surrounded by friends, family, and fans. After these girls were honored , Rampage had the chance to ask “How did it feel getting selected for the homecoming court?” Third runner up, cheer leading captain Courtney Kaminski responded, “Being selected for the Homecoming court made me feel proud to be recognized for all of my accomplishments.” Second runner up, color guard caption, Natasha Vargas, she shared, ““Being selected was a very exciting feeling for me. And what made it more memorable was being surrounded by such sweet girls.” First runner up, wrestling state champ Leeana Mercado stated, ““Getting selected for Homecoming court felt amazing. Not only did it give me another reason to dress up but it gave me beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.” And 2023 Homecoming Queen, Brooke Kennedy, shared, “ “It felt really exciting hearing my name as Queen because I was so surprised and I also felt really proud of myself for achieving that.” On behalf of Rampage, we want to congratulate all the powerful women that were selected for the 2023 Homecoming Court.

Ending off the day of festivities, the Glow and Dark Homecoming Dance. There was music, food, dancing, and many memories captured in photos! The Queen and her court were introduced and honored for the final time and  the King, Jason Agolli, was also chosen as the winner. Homecoming was a very exciting and thrilling event to kick start October! Congratulations to Lodi High School’s football team, cheerleaders, marching band and Homecoming Court!


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