We are (Twenty) One: Senior Video ’21

As graduation nears and the reality sets in that the end of our high school careers have come to an end, the time has come to reminisce. This chapter of our lives has been so special because we got to paint the pages of the book together as one, as the class of 2021. All 207 of us embarked on this journey called high school together and at last we are about to close the final chapter of this book. These high school years have been filled with highs and lows; I am sure we have all seen some of our worst days here and some of our best. But now, as we reach the end, we must remember all that we have learned. There is so much we will all take with us like the lessons we’ve learned in and outside of the classrooms; how to be leaders through our sports teams; or even how to be better people through our teachers and peers. Even though we did not get the ideal senior year filled with the activities we had imagined, we still made it special and unforgettable. This video embodies some of those special memories that we will keep with us forever while also showcasing bonds that will last a lifetime, all thanks to LHS.