College Made Easy: Dorm Shopping

College Made Easy: Dorm Shopping

College can be a nerve racking topic for upcoming seniors. There is so much to learn and decided that it can become incredibly overwhelming. If you are not commuting that brings on a whole other element. Moving to a new city, town, or room can be stressful. Not to worry! The Lodi Rampage is here to help! If you are going to college and dorming, here are 10 must-have items to make your college experience a little less scary and way more comfortable.

Mattress Pad

Not Being in your own bed can sometimes be unsettling. Let’s not have it be uncomfortable too! Get a mattress topper to make your dorm room feel just like home.

The best mattress topper is: Dream Foam Gel Swirl Topper- $52.00

Storage Bins

Moving your life into a whole new room you will discover you own and need a lot more than you think you did. That’s where storage bins come in handy! They are a discreet place to keep all of your belongings within arms reach.

The best storage bins are: Iris Weather tight Totes- $30.00 and up 

Shower Caddy 

Having to share a dorm shower means having to haul all of your belongings from one place to another each time you need to use the bathroom. Instead of making 12 trips back and forth, get yourself a shower caddy to transport all of your toiletries at once!

The best shower caddy is: Handy Laundry 7 pocket shower caddy tote- $9.00

Shower Shoes

Along with the nuisance of having to move your toiletries back and forth, you have to share a shower with strangers! Sounds like a nightmare, right? Not to worry! I have the solution! Shower shoes, be it Crocs or 99c flip flops, is all you need to save yourself from the horrid stuff that lies on the shower floor.

The best shower shoes are: Classic Croc Slide- $29.99

Trash Can 

Although this may be very overlooked, a trash can is a must have for your dorm. All of the midnight snacks and small little things you leave around add up and can make your dorm a mess. Whether it’s a cute decorative one or it’s just there to serve a purpose, don’t skip this on your to-buy list for this year.

The best trash can: Umbra Woodrow 2 gallon modern wooden dorm trash can- $30.00

First Aid Kit 

Getting a cut or waking up with a massive headache are natural parts of life. Therefore, getting a first aid kit that you can just stash away is vital! So when you are blindsided by an extreme paper cut or you pull an all-nighter studying for a final, assistance is in a kit tucked away in one of your storage bins!

The best first aid kit should have: All-purpose first aid emergency kit, Amazon- $20.00

Laundry Bag

Not having a washer and dryer in the next room can make the piles of laundry you have been putting off very daunting. My advice would be to get a laundry bag! Having a bag will make it easier to haul your laundry back and forth, especially one that has back straps! It might not be the best fashion statement of all time but it will sure get the job done.

The best laundry bag is: Rolling Pop Up Hamper- $39.00

Over Door Hooks

Stop throwing your wet towels on the floor or even the mass amounts of hoodies you have lived in during quarantine in a huge pile. Make your life easier and solve this very mundane first world problem by getting a hooks that can hang behind any door or closet. This way you can  have some organization in a sea of chaos!

The best over door hooks are: WEBI over the door hook door hanger- $13.00


Now that you have over the door hooks, you need an actual use for them! Whether you buy a new monochrome towel set or take the beach towel you’ve used on family vacation every year since 2007  from home, you need your own towel that no one else can use to dry their hands on. Now it may seem like an obvious purchase but you’d be surprised how many everyday things seem to escape your mind that you actually need.

The best towels to use are: Nautica 6 piece set- $35.00

Extension Cords

Last but not least and, in my opinion, one of THE most important items on this list is an extension cord. The people who built and set up your college dorm probably weren’t thinking of the absolute importance of having your phone charging at an arms length away at all times! Therefore, Bring a long extension cord that can be propped by your bedside no matter what. preferably one with at least 4 different ports for all of your charging needs.

The best extension cords are: Coordinate decor extension cord with 3 ground outlets-$13.00