Summer in September: LHS’ Favorite Hits

It’s the third week of school for the students at LHS and it has been a rough first few weeks adjusting from Summer to school life. As we sulk down the hallways, we put our earbuds and AirPods (only the rich can relate) in and play our favorite songs waiting for Mrs. Y to tell us to take them out. For many of us, as of right now, our playlists consist of songs from this past Summer from Billie Eilish’s edgy “Bad Guy” to Tyler’s funk and rap infused “Earfquake” and to Lizzo’s women empowerment anthem “Truth Hurts.”

We all can agree that music is an excellent tool in transporting us back to a certain memory or event. Music is an escape from reality, yet also an invitation to a time of laughs, positivity, or even heartbreak. Overall, it is a great trigger to help revisit and reminisce on past memories. In this video, we explore LHS student’s favorite songs from Summer ’19 and the best memories that stems from them. Please make sure to watch our video and check out our Spotify playlist “Hot Girl Summer” to think about the good times during this studious girl semester!!