Expanding Awareness for Autism

World Autism Day kick started the twelfth annual World Autism Month on April second. Hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, and communities around the world lit up blue in support for people with autism. There were also many Image result for world autism day light upevents around the world that were conducted to provide information and comfort for people with autism and their families. World Autism Month is dedicated to spreading and raising awareness for people who may not know anything about autism. It works to encourage those with autism that they deserve to be treated with respect as anyone should.

What is autism? Autism refers to a wide range of conditions that exhibit difficulties with social skills, speech and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors. There are many different types of autism, with those being identified on a spectrum. The spectrum weighs these various types of conditions by associating them with the amount of challenge that faces the individual. Some types of autism may include the less severe cases with those who are fairly autonomous and independent. However, there are others who are not as fortunate and need the help of aids to assist them. Unfortunately, there is no known specific causes of autism, but it is inferred that there can be problems with brain structure as some researchers can tell with brain scans. Other inferences may also include genetics, which researchers analyze by collecting samples from individuals who volunteer.With one in fifty-nine children being affected by autism in the United States, the need for people to understand and stand with people with autism has only increased.

Image result for world autism day light upMany organizations seek to raise awareness and provide safe environments to support  people with autism and their families. In particular, Autism Speaks is an organization that is dedicated to spreading awareness and promoting solutions regarding autism. In 2005, it was founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright who were grandparents to a child with autism. A generous donation of twenty-five million dollars donated by Bernie Marcus helped put the organization in a good spot to launch their efforts. Their main goals are to research into causes of autism and applying the efforts to keeping people informed around the world. With children who are diagnosed early on, Autism Speaks works to provide proper intervention, services, and resources to guide them in the right direction throughout their lifetime. This organization also provides transition programs for people with autism. These transition programs help with life changes such as getting a job or changing schools.  Their website also has a tab for newly diagnosed and provides kits and numerous resources that can aid them significantly.

Spreading awareness for autism is important for those who can not speak up for themselves. Awareness also works to help diagnose children early and provide them with the resources that they need immediately. It supplies more communication between individuals so that no one assumes and spreads false information. Promoting inclusion in all types of environments encourages the fact that no one should be ostracized based on their circumstances. It helps stimulate the process of understanding, since people would be putting in individual effort to learn and respect people with autism. To learn more about autism and to see what you can do to help, visit the website below!

Autism Speaks: www.autismspeaks.org