Staying Green: One Step at a Time

The world around us is dying. With the wasteful nature that has seemingly taken over the human race over the course of history,our big green Earth has taken a toll. If we continue to follow this path our planet will only see more deterioration, but there is something we can do: we can change.  These changes are especially significant when thinking about the current climate change crisis. There has been a shrinking of glaciers,  an accelerated rise in sea levels, and a change in animal and plant behaviors. People may think that it is an issue that is either non-existent or a problem for later, however, we need to start change now!

This is not an issue for a later time. Climate change cannot simply be swept under the rug and ignored. Action is currently required. Making a difference for the better doesn’t have to mean completely changing your lifestyle; simple, small acts can have a huge effect! These changes include:

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The first step to reducing your carbon footprint is realizing when you’re being wasteful. I’m sure everyone knows driving when you can easily walk to somewhere nearby can be fairly wasteful, but what about when you’re brushing your teeth every morning? Take a second to think about whether or not you leave the faucet on. It may not seem like much but two minutes of a constant stream of water every day can add up. Try leaving the water off until you need it; it may seem insignificant but even the slightest bit of water saved every day can add up. How about when you’re laying in bed on your phone? Is having the light on really necessary at 2 p.m. on a Saturday? Open up the blinds, shut off the lights, and be conscious of the world around you. You don’t have to pour all your money into solar panels to help the environment. Simply avoiding preventable wastefulness every day can be more than enough to change the world around you for the better.

Changing up Your Transportation 

Another issue that sparks the rising climate change is the production of air pollution produced by vehicles such as cars and buses. In fact, transportation levels create about 24% of pollution in the nation! Ways that you can play a part in reducing this issue, would be to travel alternatively. For example, instead of driving in a car during the warm weather, try walking or biking to your destination. Another option would be to carpool with others in order to reduce pollution.

The main way to help reduce the issue of climate change is to remain informed. Always try to make it a point to be aware of what is going on in the world, especially when it comes to using your voice. If you are 18, you can make more of a difference by voting for those who intend to fix this threatening crisis.

Always remember, you CAN make a difference. These small efforts can, in-turn, save the earth! You can make the change to help the planet stay green!