Teachers Paint the Night Away


Although most students have or will have to take art throughout their four years at Lodi High School, many teachers cannot say the same. Therefore, teachers were given that chance on April 12! After school on Friday, the teachers found themselves being the students. Ms. Zuniga, our very own AP Art teacher, led the Lodi High School’s second annual Paint Night. The teachers started with empty canvases but left with beautiful beach sunsets. Various shades of blue, orange, and yellow covered every inch of the canvas. Not only did the teachers leave with their own piece of art, but they also donated for art and science scholarships by participating. Having Mrs. Hansen’s famous homemade lemon cookies, macaroons, and chocolate chip espresso cookies certainly helped the creative juices flow. With many teachers in attendance, the Paint Night was a major success! Keep your eyes peeled for a student Paint Night coming soon!

Look below to catch a glimpse of the beautiful artwork!