Love is Love

What is love? Well according to the dictionary, love is defined as a feeling of deep affection. Whether this love is given to a significant other, family, friend, or even oneself, it is an essential aspect of life. Love tends to vary. The way someone may love family is different from the way he/she may love friends. However, this emotion is something that truly keeps the world afloat. Without love, there would be no joy or compassion. So, it is essential to spread this wonderful feeling to others whenever you can. As the famous artist, David Bowie, once said, “The greatest thing that you’ll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return.”

Who and what you love should not be an issue or even the business of other people. Unfortunately,  it isn’t that simple to love who you want. Currently, in about 72 countries of the world, it is still illegal to be gay. Also, in about eight countries, being caught in a gay relationship is even punishable by death! It is a complete violation of human rights to be denied the ability to express your true feelings because of religious reasons. Everyone should be able to live as they choose, without the say of outsiders.

When gay marriage was legalized in the United States on June 26, 2015, it was a step in the right direction within our country; however, the fight isn’t over yet. Many people still face homophobia in their everyday lives, whether it be in the negative stigma attached to the word “gay” in its many uses or through the terrible treatment of homosexuals because some may be “uncomfortable” due to their own sexual orientation. Statistically, there is a rise in anti- LGBTQ+ hate crimes that has escalated between 17-21 percent since 2017. This kind of behavior needs to be put to an end. Too many people, especially teenagers, are shamed for their love. In fact, LGBTQ+ teens are at more of a risk for depression and suicide than heterosexual teens. There needs to be a solution to this terrible epidemic.

The only way this problem can be solved is through learning acceptance, understanding, and unity. In the end, we are all human and deserve the right to love as we love. Love cannot be confined as just for a man and woman. Love is much broader and needs to be recognized as such. Always remember, love is love. Make it what you want it to be!