Study Habits: Becoming Your Best Self

Every average high school teenager goes through the frustrations of trying to get motivated to do his/her schoolwork. Such lack of motivation can cause for your homework to become a steep pile that makes you cringe. That moment, procrastination proves to be your worst enemy. Trust me, we have all tried to pull all-nighters in order to write an essay but ended up not completing it to the best of our ability.

However, this all ends now.

Creating your personalized study habits can prove to be challenging, however, in the end, it can prove to be very rewarding on your report card and self-care. The most difficult aspect of studying is the formation of habits. However, once these habits are formed, keeping a good study routine will benefit you immensely.

Good Study Habits include:

  • Finding Balance: Make sure you write down all of your important information in one place. This way, you won’t need to shuffle through your papers to find one sheet. Such balance aids in keeping you centered, thus, allowing you to study efficiently.
  • Scheduling Yourself: Know when it is your best time to study and stick with it. Whether it is before or after school or dinner, set time aside for your studies. However, leave a bit of time for yourself and sleep.
  • Health: Make sure that you are staying hydrated whilst studying and eating your proper daily meals. You cannot perform to your best in school, without being your best self.
  • Pace Yourself: Don’t try to complete everything in one night. Remember to time the way you do your work. Don’t stay stuck on a hard assignment, put it aside and work on another.


By creating stronger studying habits, you will see improvements in your health, grades, and happiness because you will be acing all of your assignments!  Never forget to keep yourself in check and don’t allow yourself to fall behind. See you on the honor roll!