Clubs 101: Ready to Get Involved?

Are you interested in becoming more involved in your school community? Some ways you can become more involved are by joining clubs! We’ve got you covered with the newest upcoming clubs this year! In this video, we’ll provide you with all you need to know about the new clubs and those that are making a comeback this year such as Poetry Club, Listening Room, Rocket Club, Debate and Mock Trial, and an introduction to Student Council! Make sure you pay attention to the morning announcements for information regarding club meetings!

Word of the advisers from returning clubs:

Interact Club

  • Club Adviser: Ms. Getrajdman

The purpose of the Interact Club is to provide community service opportunities for the club members as well as becoming more empathetic and compassionate individuals through volunteering. There are several events held throughout the year such as the Haunted House, Toy Drive, Gift Wrapping at Paramus Park Mall, Valentine’s Day party at Bristol Manor Nursing Home, and a Video Game Tournament. The goals set for this year are to raise $500 to fund two left cleft palate surgeries through the Smile Train, find a volunteer activity for Thanksgiving, and devote more time to serving our direct community on a face-to-face basis. The responsibilities for the club members include paying a $3.00 membership fee, which goes toward funding materials for events, attending a minimum of three club activities to get credit for the year, attending club meetings in preparation for events, and a weekly meeting for club officers to discuss preparations for events.

Diverse Cultures Club

  • Club Adviser: Mrs. Bradley

The purpose of the Diverse Cultures Club is to share and celebrate cultural information that will enable better understanding among students as well as giving students an opportunity to socialize and develop leadership qualities. It also raises funds and awareness for charities. Events held throughout the year include several trips, cultural activities, information boards, bake sales, and charity fundraising. The goals set for this year include teaching students to take ownership and leadership roles within the club, as well as students achieving their own personal goals. The responsibilities expected of club members include have leadership and direction as well as participation in events while learning about diversity and inclusion.

Key Club

  • Club Adviser: Mr. Lewis

The Key Club is a club focused on raising awareness for various causes as well as promoting the spirit of volunteering as much as possible. Throughout the year, we focus on a cause each month and either raise money or collect items to help benefit that cause. Our biggest event is the blood drive in December and April (if you’re 16 or older please donate!); all of the blood goes back to Hackensack Hospital, to help out people in our area in a time of need. The biggest part that each member should understand is that giving back to others, your community, or the world is the greatest thing we can do in our lives.

Drama Club

  • Club Adviser: Ms. Zuniga

The Lodi High School Drama Club sounds simple on paper, and it also seems that we don’t have much to do each year. After all, we have “only” two main tasks: to produce a musical and to perform at the Teen Arts Festival. What non-members don’t know, however, is that we are a team … A family … a tiny powerhouse of performers who defy expectations year after year in order to delight, entertain, and bring joy to our audiences. The best part? We are always looking for new members and cannot wait to see what talents you have to offer to our stage. We will be offering workshops on Wednesday nights on acting and performing. Feel free to drop in anytime before auditions in November. Any and all talent levels are welcomed– singers, dancers, actors, builders, techies, or no experience what so ever. This year we will be collaborating with other clubs to enhance events and bring more community to the the school. We are also going to visit Broadway to experience theater on the professional level. This will be a Drama Club season for the record books.  Can’t wait to meet you!


  • Club Adviser: Mrs. Hipkins

The purpose of the FBLA Club is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through leadership and career development programs. Events planned throughout the year include regional competitions, tests in December, a Service Project for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, fundraising through Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, and multiple guest speakers making appearances. The goals set this year for the FBLA club is to build, do well in the challenging competitions, and build on skills that include leadership, business competencies, community responsibilities, and self-confidence. The responsibilities expected of club members is to attend meetings, held at 7:40 a.m. and 2:40 p.m. in Room 208, sell a minimum of three cookie dough items to be eligible for trips as well as help with other fundraising, attend trips, stay involved, and, most importantly, have fun.


  • Club Adviser: Ms. Fasulo

The purpose of the Pre-Med Club is to talk about different topics pertaining to the medical field, such as diseases and finding solutions for them, what to expect in colleges, and how to get accepted into medical school. Events planned throughout the year include going to see surgeries such as kidney transplants, and always trying to raise funds. The goals set this year for the Pre-Med club is to provide students with information if they want to be a doctor, nurse, or anything that has to do with the medical field. The responsibilities expected of club members is to attend meetings, held on every Thursday, and most importantly, have fun and obtain knowledge that can guide students to the right path going into the medical field.