Time to Buckle Down Upperclassmen


While graduation may seem quite some time away, in less than a year, the class of 2019 will have officially graduated high school and the class of 2020 will become the new seniors. Although junior year seems like nothing more than the year before your last, there are some crucial matters that should have your focus starting as early as September.

AP Exams:

With Junior year being the first interaction with AP classes, naturally taking AP exams are a big part of junior year. I know hearing the scores one through five may get a bit confusing but here’s a quick explanation of each score:

Five = extremely well qualified
Four = well qualified
Three = qualified
Two = possibly qualified
One = no recommendation

Scoring high enough on the AP exam can result in earning college credits for that course; most colleges will accept a three on an AP exam to earn credits; however, it helps to do more research on the colleges in which you are interested.

Testing Date Subject
May 6, 2018 AP Government & AP Environmental
May 7, 2018 AP Spanish & AP Physics
May 8, 2018 AP Literature & AP French
May 9, 2018 AP Chemistry & AP Psychology
May 10, 2018 AP United States History
May 13, 2018 AP Biology
May 14, 2018 AP Calculus AB
May 15, 2018 AP Language and Composition
May 16, 2018 AP Statistics


Placement Tests:

While being an upperclassmen may feel like you’re finally escaping the yearly standardized tests that are universally dreaded, there still remain a few crucial exams to take before deciding your post high school plans. For juniors it is your last year taking the PSAT, which may seem like a pointless test made to prepare you for the real SAT but scoring high enough on the exam can actually get you scholarships and help pay for your college. This year’s PSAT will be administered at Lodi High School on Oct. 10, 2018. Easily the most recognizable test for getting into college, the SAT is something that everyone should take at least once before senior year; be sure to study because, unlike the PSAT, the SAT is paid for by the student, unless they have free or reduced lunch, in which case you can see your guidance counselor for a fee waiver. The SAT is looked at by nearly every college, and the next two at Lodi High School will be on Oct. 6, 2018 and Nov. 3, 2018. An alternative to the SAT is the ACT; this exam tests the student on all the same subjects as the SAT with the addition of a science section. Despite being scored very differently from the SAT, the ACT is equally just as looked at by colleges as the SAT.


Post High School Plans:

The world becomes your oyster after graduation but it is very important to your success that you decide what you want to do post high school as early as your junior year believe it or not. For those interested in going to college be sure to get familiar with your requirements such as applying for financial aid, submitting applications before deadlines, and asking for letters of recommendation. While having an idea of what you’d like to do after graduating high school seems as simple as either going to college or going directly into the workforce, there are plenty of other options. Entering the military after high school is not only a highly respectable choice but it also opens up many paths, such as going to school while in service and furthering a career after leaving the service. There are also trade schools which provide certificates and associate degrees allowing for entrance into the workforce at a higher level than those without any post high school education. My point here is that even if it you don’t want to go to college and don’t want to directly start working there are other options that can lead you to a successful life.


School Pride:

Last, but definitely not least, as an upperclassmen, it is crucial to have pride in your school. You are coming to the end of your high school career, whether you realize it or not, and time really does fly past you; take a step back to appreciate not only the events that are offered to you as a student but also the countless teachers and other staff who put in as much effort as they possibly can just to watch you succeed. With events like prom and the senior trip on the horizon it is easy to forget the numerous other activities that happen along the way. Don’t be afraid to have fun in this high school environment because once it’s over, there’s no going back.