Impactful Underclassmen

As upperclassmen take the spotlight in varsity sports, there are always a handful of underclassmen who help contribute to their teams’ success. For most of these athletes, it wasn’t easy to work their way up to develop a key role, but these special few battled the adversity. Say hello to Lodi High School’s impactful underclassmen!


Name: Maecar Lagdamen

Grade: 11th

Sport: Tennis

Position: 2nd Doubles

Years Played: Three years

Varsity Highlight: On the court, she’s a great communicator which she learned can be much more important than players’ techniques.



Name: Delia Anton

Grade: 10th

Sport: Cheer

Position: Backspot

Years Played: Five years

Varsity Highlight: She stepped up as a backspot when the team needed her.



Name: Kaitlyn Stobnicki

Grade: 10th

Sport: Volleyball

Position: Setter

Years Played: Six years

Varsity Highlight: She earns her spot by hustling and she stands out as a setter.



Name: Anthony Asencio

Grade: 10th

Sport: Football

Position: Fullback

Years Played: Eight years

Varsity Highlight: He contributed offensively and defensively in a comeback loss against Waldwick.



Name: Christopher Vasquez

Grade: 10th

Sport: Soccer

Position: Center Attacking

Years Played: Eight years

Varsity Highlight: He made precise through balls that set up goal scoring opportunities against rival, Garfield.



Name: Nataly Jimenez

Grade: 9th

Sport: Soccer

Position: Right and Left Mid

Years Played: Five years

Varsity Highlight: Every time she gets the ball at her feet, she tries hard to deliver nice crosses across the field during games.