Tim Eustace Comes to Visit!


The AP Government and Politics class received a great treat on October 29. Assemblyman Tim Eustace, visited during eighth and ninth period Wednesday. The Democrat was a former Mayor of Maywood and is a licensed chiropractor. He was very open and friendly with all the students that attended  and he was genuinely a very pleasant person. Tim Eustace seems very dedicated and eco-friendly. He talked about how the biggest problem our generation faces is a water crisis, but we have the power to stop it. However, he believes our generation should be more politically involved. We have a problem that we just don’t seem to care about and that isn’t acceptable.  Tim Eustace encourages all young people to become more politically aware and active, especially if they are 18 years old and able to vote. It was refreshing how open he was to talk to students and how eager he was to answer any questions we had. The AP Government students enjoyed talking with Assemblyman Eustace and he left us more more politically and environmentally aware!