How to Have a Successful Friendsgiving!


Thanksgiving is a precious time where we gather around the table with our families and give thanks for all that we have. Friendsgiving is similar except with friends! Now we are here to help you prepare for your Friendsgiving! Friendsgiving can vary depending on the friend group and their interests. Some rely on a dish per person; others may have guests bring dishes from their culture to expand the knowledge and taste buds of their friends; some might just want to spend time with their friends, order a pizza, and watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special. Now, no matter how you spend your Friendsgiving, the Rampage is going to share some tips and tricks to have a successful Friendsgiving:

  • Figure out who will be hosting the Friendsgiving and choose the date (either before or after Thanksgiving).
  • Be sure to have a set guest list.
  • Make a group chat or find time to sit down with everyone to figure out who is bringing what.
  • If you’re not sure how to decorate or what tasty desserts to make, Pinterest will become your best friend
  • If you are not one for cooking or baking, offer to bring drinks or plates/utensils.
  • When it is time for the dinner, make sure there’s enough for everyone there!
  • Try coming up with some party games so it is more than just a dinner.
  • Take pictures! You’ll want to remember the experience!
  • Have fun and enjoy the time your spending with your friends!

Friendsgiving will be deliciously fun when you follow these tips and tricks!