Guess the Teacher: Science Department


Walking through the halls of LHS you see and meet so many different people, each unique in his/her own way. This includes the amazing teachers that spend every day in the building making it the school we know and love. Each of them have their own stories and journeys that would surprise us all. This edition, the Rampage decided to get to know our science teachers better. Read the brief descriptions and see if you can match the teacher to the blurb.

These are the options: Ms. Press, Mr. Ryan, and Ms. Saifan 

Tecaher A: I like many different kinds of food, but if I was stuck on a desert island and could only have the Amazon delivery drone bring one food it would be pizza. This is my first year teaching at LHS. I enjoy collecting Disney pins, toys, and comics. My favorite sport is  Lacrosse, although I also love baseball. I’ve been married for 12 years and have 2 children. I think the best way to consume coffee is to hook it up intravenously. Makes it easier.

Teacher B: My favorite food is shrimp. I know how to speak three languages; English, Arabic, and Romanian. When I’m not eating shrimp or learning a new language, I’m coaching kickboxing classes. My favorite place to visit is Romania with my husband and three children. I enjoy drinking a lot of coffee while spending time with my cat.

Teacher C: Sports are really not my cup of tea but I do love playing the violin with the North Jersey Symphony Orchestra. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and my favorite food is chocolate. I’ve grown up in New Jersey and Lodi High School is where I’ve taught for 9 years.


Answer Key:
Teacher A: Mr. Ryan
Teacher B:Ms. Saifan
Teacher C: Ms. Press