Poetry: A Game of Words


Poetry is the epitome of humanity. It is a game of words where the goal is to create beauty in the defamiliarization of common things in life. Poetry is the action of creating a whole new being out of the life-force behind words. Words are nothing but letters put together, it is what is behind them that gives them such great power. The common purpose of words is to inform, to encompass, and pass on knowledge, while in poetry words become vessels of art filled with life experiences; those experiences are the clay out of which poetry is made.

Poetry is the most human form of art. It is a tool that allows us to put ourselves, our history, our perceptions, and our feelings out there and create a reaction or an emotion out of someone else. Poetry is a medium of art through which we are able to romanticize experiences in such a way that the end, even for the most painful experiences, become enjoyable.

Here are some of the poems of our peers:


Lucia Baez
Broken Clock
Kayla Fiscina