Tattoos: Allies of Individuality


Tattoos are pieces of minds inserted on skin canvases. Tattoos may have a sentimental, serious, funny, commemorational or religious value, but regardless of what they represent, there is always a thought, a feeling or an experience behind them. Tattoos are little bookmarks of life that are carried around. They enable people quick access to a past experience or a specific person. Sometimes, they mark chapters of life and serve as occasional highlighters.

A tattoo is a form of body modification that consists of changing the pigment of the skin by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Although tattoos are supposed to be a form of change within a person’s body, they are truly the result of that person’s inner thoughts, feelings and experiences filtering through onto their skin. Tattoos are the windows to our inner art, but just like actual windows, they never leave the house to which they belong; on the contrary, they are part of the house’s structure.

Tattoos are allies of individuality and enemies of forgetfulness. Here are some of the inner art of some of our peers and teachers:

Morgan Guarino
Javier Bustos
Christopher Marconetti
Brandon Rios
Jennifer Blandon
Jennifer Blandon
Brandon Guzman
David Ramos
Mr. Maggio
Mike Lamas