Lodi Bridge is Falling Down

The Physics class completed their annual bridges made from balsa wood and they were ready to be put to the test. The scoring of the bridges had two criteria, aesthetics and integrity. The goal of the bridge project is to create a bridge which is appealing to the eye, but also able to withstand the most weight applied to it. After all the bridges were tested, the two students with the winning bridges in aesthetics and integrity, respectively, were Andrew Shahine and Soloman Duran. Their bridges, displayed below, highlight that strength in one area had an inverse relationship with strength in the other. Shahine’s bridge, which was voted the most aesthetically pleasing, did not withstand too much weight. On the other hand, Duran’s bridge, which can be called mediocre at best in terms of aesthetics, withstood an astounding amount of weight.

This project turned out to be a great success and the Rampage applauds all the students’ efforts. The winners displayed their expertise in meticulous planning and careful execution. Check out the images below to see all of the other bridges and statistics of the bridges!