Senior Students in the Workplace

After spending six hours at school, being hammered by work, students push themselves to find a part-time job. Our Rampage staff went around to local stores and found a few of our hard workers. Here’s what they had to say about their experience working:

Where do you work?

  • Valery Sanchez: Shoprite
  • Brooke Inserra: Shoprite
  • Garey Harris: Shoprite
  • Brittany Zotterelli: Harmon’s
  • Emmary Jimenez: Stop & Shop
  • Jennifer Rodriguez: Dollar Tree

How long have you been working here?

  • Valery: One year
  • Brooke: One year
  • Garey: Since August
  • Brittany: Almost two months
  • Emmary: About one month
  • Jennifer: A couple of weeks

How do you balance your academics and your job?

  • ┬áValery: It’s not that hard. It’s pretty much become a routine. I go┬áto school and get out early, go to work, and get out at a decent time to get homework and stuff done. I’m always tired though. But it’s nice to have my own money. It’s also not a bad environment and that helps make it manageable.
  • Brooke: I don’t get late hours. Also, when I’m at school or work I dedicate my time because saving money and completing school work on time are, both, very important to me.
  • Garey: School is just naturally easy to me and work is fun.
  • Brittany: I have two jobs but since I have a short school schedule it allows me to have so much free time.
  • Emmary: I go to school, go to work, and then do my homework after I get out.
  • Jennifer: My hours are pretty reasonable so it’s not crazy hectic, and my manager understands the days I have practice for color guard so that helps.