Don’t be a Regina George

“You will never be good enough.”




“No one likes you.”


These are just modified examples of the words that are used on a daily basis. However, what do these words really reveal? Do they reveal the truth or are they lies? Or is this person just so insecure that they have to lessen the feelings of someone else to boost their ego?  Why are we so mean, when we ourselves are struggling to be accepted? It is so easy to forget how worthless you can make someone feel in the heat of a moment. As you degrade someone for being different, as you look them straight in the eyes and mouth the words that will forever leave an imprint, do you truly understand the effect that you’re having? In today’s society, gender stereotypes have made bullying seem acceptable for boys, treating it as a right of passage, while for girls it is part of their nature as a result of their “love of gossip.”Although we are consumed in these stereotypes, bullying is NOT acceptable in any form. As a female, we are faced with the challenges of not only inequality but also harassment, double standards, and ridiculous physical expectations. With this being said, why do we as women continue to beat each other down instead of support one another?

Personally, I can speak from a female perspective. I have been taunted, criticized, and left feeling alone and worthless. From a young age, I have always been ashamed of my skin color and my body shape. I have always felt as if I could never compare to the “popular” girls. The harder I tried to accept myself, the harder I was ridiculed. Trust me, girls can be mean and some, oddly, take pride in that, as if being mean is a compliment. They hurt with their words and with sticks and stones. Sometimes, I would pretend I was okay. I would invest in makeup, not to enhance my beauty, but to transform myself into something I wasn’t. I became the expert in living the life of someone else. Why? All because a girl told me I was not beautiful enough to be loved; I will never forget those words. However, I have learned that life is too short to allow someone to make me cry. I am in control. I will no longer let anyone deteriorate me without my permission. Sweetie, you are not composed of the words that hurt you or the expectations you feel you will never meet. Stop being unhappy with yourself. You are a lovely and a complex soul who has feelings, a unique and individual combination of thoughts, and ideas. No one else will be as beautiful as you. Remember that your happiness does not depend on others. Look at who you truly are……BEAUTIFUL.

Below are listed the names of some of the teenage girls who have committed suicide due to bullying:

Megan Meier

Rehtaeh Parsons

Audrie Pott

Phoebe Prince

Nicola Ann Raphael

Amanda Todd

Kelly Yeomans

Our words have power; let’s use them for good. If you know anyone who is being bullied, tell someone. If you know someone who is a bully, stand up to them. Every life is unique and worth living. Don’t be responsible for making someone feel less then that.